Pre-launch Information
PaintshopFX  is not for sale yet. All information on this site is preliminary and may be changed when the product is launched. If you are interested in this product, we do like to hear from you. Let us know what you think. If we should keep you informed or if you have any questions, let us know on the contact page.


PaintshopFX  is a software program that allows you to model an industrial paint shop and the way your product will be processed in that paint shop. Once the model and the process parameters are in place, PaintshopFX will calculate the surface profile of every layer of paint or coating that was added to the substrate.

PaintshopFX UI_overviewPaintshopFX gives you insight in the expected surface profile of your product by showing comprehensive graphs. By tuning the paint shop model and/or the process parameters you will quickly see the effects these changes have on the top layer profile. And thus on the appearance of your end product.

Immediate cost savings are in reduction of physical samples that must be made. You only have to make samples to do a final check. The result of an experiment are available within the hour1). This is an enormous advantages and opens a whole new world of possibilities. You are free to experiment with the process and material parameters at no extra costs.

By tuning the model and parameters, you can focus on production cost reduction and see if the changes will result in an acceptable appearance of your product. Working with PaintshopFX allows you to gain detailed knowledge of the paint drying process and specific the effect this has on the top layer appearance. With this knowledge you will be in control of your paint process.

Layer System_Graph_-_Single_Paint_LayerKnowledge of the paint drying process is not only of great value for paint technicians, but likewise for the suppliers of the base materials. For instance steel suppliers now have a tool which help them predict if a particular batch of produced steel is of good enough quality for their customers. And like paint manufacturers, they can optimize their product for a specific customer. Optimizing Yield, reducing costs, maximizing profit. PaintshopFX helps you realize it.

We made changing the model or process parameters easy. In a user friendly interface you can see your paint shop model and process parameters in several different ways. This gives you a global overview and detailed insight at the same time. With a few mouse clicks and data entry you make your changes.

On the support page you will find a number of tutorials. The introduction tutorials show you how easy it is to use PaintshopFX

1) The time to do a calculation depends, among others, on the complexity of your paint shop and the performance of the computing platform. Calculation times can be between several minutes and several hours.

How to buy?

PaintshopFX  is not for sale yet.

For information please use the contact form on the contact page.

Demo Videos

Rougness Video
Roughness Graph.

Wavelet Graph.